Source File Name Variables

These variables carry the names <filename> of source files. After the source file name, the compile options for that specific source file are given. These compile options are used only for the compilation of the source file <filename>. They substitute for the global compile flags given by the variable FFLAGS. This flexibility is useful e.g. in case you have to reduce the optimization level for certain source files. There can be several of these lines at the end of the database file, each one for a different source file. In the case of the 8x8 setting for the MPIBIT variable it is mandatory to compile the files mp_abort.f, mp_collect.f, mp_end.f, mp_get.f, mp_send.f, mp_send_all.f, mp_start.f, mp_sum.f, mp_sumonone.f and mp_sync.f with 4-byte long INTEGER while 8-byte long INTEGER are used via the FFLAGS variable for the other source files of the deMon2k program.